Report: Montreal group floats idea of Rays commuting between Florida, Canada

Montreal badly wants an MLB team back, but some people in the city would be satisfied withhalf of one.According to a report by the French language newspaper La Pre se, “major players in the busine s world”wanttopurchase Wade Boggs Jersey a joint ownership stake in the Tampa Bay Rays with the intent of having the team play half its home games north of the border.MORE: MLB franchiserelocations through the yearsThe article suggests there arebenefits for both sides: The Montreal interestswould only have to pay half the market value for the team;TV revenues would increase with fees from another market,and tickets would become scarce enoughto drive up attendance in the Tampa Bay and Montreal markets. The Rays were last in the majors in average attendance last season at 15,403 despite finishing 80-82 and being on the fringes of the AL wild-card race.No formal proposal has been drafted,however,and the group has not approached theRays or Major League Baseball, according to the report, which was translated by the Tampa Bay Times.The Rays are working to find a new stadium site in the Tampa Bay area, and theyreceived permi sion in January from the St. Petersburg City Council, following years of negotiations,to look in Tampa. Stuart Sternberg, the team’s principal owner, and other top Roger Clemens Jersey officials have said their goal is to find a long-term solution in Florida.
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